glaciers fireweed




Each hand-cut bar (approximately 4 oz) comes in a colorful old-fashioned cloth bag
with a card about glacier silt and a lovely GS metal tag.

Glacier Smoothie Body Creams are Legendary!
Made with the finest ingredients, they will leave you perfectly moisturized.
ld-time glass bottle. Body Creams do not contain silt.

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The introduction of glacier silt takes soap to a new level in our Original bar. Clean, fresh, and lively with the crisp smell of an ocean morning. This was the soap that started it all!
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Gold Panner's Girlfriend
Aaww...isn't that sweet?!? You will love this beautiful, truly Alaskan, gold-veined soap, rich with the blossoming scent of a handpicked bouquet of flowers.
Soap $8.95 each
Body cream 4 oz. $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each

Lemon Creek
Not the biggest glacier in the Juneau area, but certainly a lovely backdrop for the daily commute! This creamy, citrus scented bar is quite popular with the locals.

Soap $8.95 each

Body Cream 4 oz. $8.95 each

Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Fireweed Fluff
The signal that summer is over and fall is on its way. Fireweed Fluff captures this moment with a wonderful scent that will keep you refreshed until the fireweed bloom again.
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Sea Pickle
An old favorite infused with the eye-opening aromas of lime and a little ginger. Named for the old timers’ way of pickling sea kelp.

Soap $8.95 each

Body Cream 4 oz. $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Diamonds in the Snow
There is simply nothing lovelier on a crisp sunny morning or moonlit night than seeing Diamonds in the Snow. The sparkle and quiet beauty of this fragrant soap speaks for itself.
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz. $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Five-Minute Forecast
Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change. Alaskan words to live by. Use Five Minute Forecast and feel refreshed and alive even when skies are gray.
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Glacier Girl
Girlie fragrance and glacial silt power! People have fallen in love with the scent of this soap and can't seem to get enough! Also comes in bathing cream, bath salts, and impressive bath pack listed below.
Soap 8.95 each
Body Cream 4oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each

gump·tion (gump'shun) n. Informal: Boldness of enterprise, initiative or aggressiveness, Guts; spunk, Common sense, Fortitude, Determination.

It's the stuff pioneers are made of, but curiously it smells of little lavender flowers. It must be true what they say..."In today's world it takes a lot of strength to be a true lady."

Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Arctic Entry
Taking off your rain gear and letting your toes thaw out in a warm bath has never felt so good. This soap is cozy essence will keep the whole family dreaming of home sweet home.
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Juneau Body
Our siltiest soap ever! Made with a heavier grade of silt, this bar is strong enough for a man...but smells like cookies! Great for smoothing rough, tired skin.
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Sandy Beach Sunrise
Waking up in the Last Frontier - could there be anything finer? Seize the day with a grapefruit scent that will get you going quicker than a cup of mountain man coffee!!
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz.$8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Dividend Dreams
One more great thing about living in Alaska...dreaming of a warm, tropical vacation compliments of the Permanent Fund Dividend! Bon Voyage!
Soap $8.95 each
Body Cream 4 oz. $8.95 each
Body Cream 8oz (w/pump) $15.95 each
Purely Perseverance
With the character of the silt itself shining through, this bar contains no added fragrance or artificial color.
Soap $8.95 each


Capital Stock
Our most popular assortment of soaps now comes in a beautiful blue gift box! The label is inspired by a genuine Juneau gold mine stock certificate. The insert includes lovely descriptions of each of the soaps such as:

"Original - It is awe-inspiring to realize that when a glacier calves, you are the very first person in all of history ot see that spot in the ice...."


Capital Stock


Our Mountain Man Line
These popular silt soaps are wrapped in cozy shirt flannel.

Pioneer A masculine scent for the rustic gentleman.

Trailblazer Invigorating wood-chopper scent.

Man Scent Simply a clean, manly soap.

Tough as Nails A hands-down favorite! Young and handsome!

Pioneer Soap $8.95 each

Trailblazer Soap $8.95 each

Man Scent Soap $8.95 each

Tough as Nails Soap $8.95 each
She Shaves By the Sea Shore
Now say that ten times fast! We love the scent of this leg shaving foam. It's just what you need when trees are not the only thing prickly in the forest. 8 oz



She Shaves by the Sea Shore 12.50 each
Borealis Bubbles
Nothing compares to a warm bubbly bath on a northern lights night. Rich, sophisticated fragrance. Extremely bubbly, extremely luxurious, and extremely perfect before hitting your bed's flannel sheets. 16 oz


Borealis Bubbles $14.00 each

Glacier Girl Bathing Cream
Uncomplicated and lovely...just like Alaska. A creamy head-to-toe shampoo and body wash. This pearly, moisturizing cream comes in just one incredible fragrance............... yep, it's Glacier Girl! Also available in our beautiful Glacier Girl Bath Pack described below 6 oz.

Includes one FREE white bath pouf with purchase.

Glacier Girl Bathing Cream $17.50 each

Sourdough Shave Box
Grizzly to all starts with prying the lid off this wooden crate. Contents: 100% badger hair shave brush with lifetime guarantee, stand, shaving/camping mug, and two Glacier Smoothie signature shave cakes made with genuine glacier silt.

Sourdough Shave $44.95

Shave Cakes
Our signature shave cakes are truly special! Formed by hand to fit perfectly into a mug, they look and feel different because they ARE different! With just a few strokes of a shaving brush, you will see these cakes transform into lather mountain! We've added fine glacier silt so your skin is polished, clean and oh so smooth at the end of your shave! These cakes are unscented.
Shave Cake 5.50 each
Shave Cakes 15.50 for 3
Combination Gift Packs
Grand Gift Pack:
Contents: Silt Soap, Body Cream (4oz), and a Lip & Body Salve in a zippered travel bag.
Scent Choice


Glacier Girl Bath Pack

All together in a gingham-trimmed bag is one incredibly sweet-smelling Glacier Girl Soap, Body Cream (2 oz), and Bathing Cream (6 oz), along with a GS Lip & Body Salve, pouf, and scrub.



Glacier Girl Bath Pack

$34.95 each


GS Soap Dishes:

Just the thing to display your Glacier Smoothie Soap and keep it high and dry - our GS branded wooden soap dish.

GS Soap Dish 5.50 each
Deluxe Gift Soap Sampler:
Can't decide? Try 10 of our favorites. Half-sized bars (2oz) soaps in a beautiful blue gift box.


Deluxe Gift Soap Sampler $40.00each

Specialty Items

GS Lip & Body Salve
Our own special recipe for elbows, rough heels, and chapped hands. This salve is brimming with organic oils such as sunflower seed, safflower, rice bran, sweet almond, apricot kernel, avocado and Vitamin E! It's an Alaskan-sized half ounce!

GS Lip and Body Salve 5.50 each

(If you have a GS wooden nickel, please enter the code in the comments area when checking out through Paypal.)

Double Duty Scrub Rub
This fun bar features silty bumps for smoothing and polishing. Try it for pre-tanning! Packed in a black mesh bag.
Double Duty Scrub Rub $8.95 each
Bath Salts
Quick-dissolving Glacier Smoothie salts are made with 100% pure Dead Sea salt...the worlds very best. These salts contain more than 15 natural and unprocessed minerals from the southern waters of the Dead Sea where concentrations of minerals are highest. You will appreciate relief from itching, flaking, muscle aches and pains while softening your skin in a delightful warm fragrance. 1.5 lbs

Glacier Girl $13.95

Out The Road $13.95
Downtown $13.95

Foot Products

Tender Foot Fizz
A tingly sensation from start to finish. This is the perfect effervescent beginning to your foot transformation. 8 oz
Tender Foot Fizz $6.50 each
Serious Silt Scrub
This rich formula is designed to smooth even the roughest feet, elbows, and knees with silt you can feel and lathering action. You will love it. 8 oz
Serious Silt Scrub $18.00 each
Still a Girl Foot Swirl
Living in boot territory, it is easy to forget how pretty ladys feet are supposed to be. Make this creamy vitamin-enriched swirl the finishing touch to your foot rescue routine. 8oz
Still a Girl Foot Swirl $10.50 each

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